Grass Trimmers

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Size: 150 mm - 6 Inch
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The Most Powerful Trimmer Head You Have Ever Experienced!

Trim Pro easily removes grass, moss, weeds, dirt, dust, and everything else you want to remove from your yard in just seconds.

6 Blade Steel Trimmer Head – Rabbit Quick

Better Design

Trim Pro cleans deep and is designed to remove dirt and weeds from areas your old string trimmer could never, even after years of use!

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No More Broken Strings

Save your time and money for other projects around the house since you will never have to change those annoying strings again! 

100X More Powerful

No more bending down to pull weeds that your string trimmer couldn't cut! Constructed from high-grade steel alloy, Trim Pro is made to cut the thickest grass, branches, and weeds!

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Made for any situation Trim Pro is perfect for edging lawns, clearing messy weeds & moss from your garden, or cleaning concrete pathways and patios.

Causes No Damage

Trim Pro is designed to be tough on weeds but soft on surrounding areas so that you never have to worry about damage to your property!

Universal Attachment

Trim Pro is designed to fit any existing trimmer on the market. Simply follow the directions in the adapter kit that comes with your order to replace your old string trimmer! 

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